The COVID-19 pandemic has had an immensely negative effect on the poorest communities in South Africa. Parents have lost their incomes or have had to accept substantial cuts in their salaries. Unfortunately, this affects the children as well.  Children with special needs or delays in developmental milestones need continued intervention, but parents were simply unable to afford the cost of their therapy sessions.

In response to this dire need, the Baby Therapy Centre launched the ‘Godfather Project’ in 2021. Through generous donations from various donors, we have been able to provide our therapy services free of charge for an entire year for babies and toddlers. The children that currently form part of the Godfather Project have been removed from their homes and are struggling with developmental delays or conditions for several reasons such as neglect, malnourishment, and abuse. They have been placed with places of safety such as Tshwane Place of Safety, Rock of Hope and Tshwane Haven, which specialises in fostering children with medical needs. In addition, we also provide our services free of charge to children whose parents can not afford the cost of their very necessary therapy sessions.

As a Non-Profit Organisation, we rely on the financial contributions and donations-in-kind of like-minded partners such as yourself to continue to provide our services to our special needs children. It takes a village to raise a child and we’d like to invite you to take hands with us by making a financial contribution to Baby Therapy Centre. Every cent you donate will be used to unlock the potential of every child in our care.

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