“There is no ‘mould’ for your baby to fit into when it comes to sleep. Just as adults all have different sleep needs and habits, so do babies and older children.” Carly Tzanos and Lourdes Bruwer.

At the Baby Therapy Centre, we are often confronted with parents who are at wit’s end regarding their children’s irregular sleep habits. Sleep is an important time for the brain to process and store information it received throughout the day through various sensory experiences. We therefore always aim to provide caregivers with practical solutions to facilitate functional sleep patterns in their children.

This article, written by Carly Tzanos and Lourdes Bruwer, Occupational Therapists, provide caregivers with helpful suggestions to facilitate an optimal sleep routine in your child: https://www.nubabi.com/articles/a-sensory-perspective-on-getting-your-baby-to-sleep/