Baby Sense


Understanding your baby’s sensory world – the key to a contented child.

By Megan Faure & Ann Richardson

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Now updated with the latest research, the focus of this best-selling babycare book with its accessible tone remain the three most common concerns of parents in their baby’s first year:

  1. Why is my baby crying?
  2. How can I get my baby to sleep well?
  3. How can I enhance my baby’s development?

New and expanded sections include:

  1. How different babies cope differently with sensory information.
  2. How you can help your baby maintain the Calm-Alert state – the ideal state for learning.
  3. The relationship between tiredness and crying.
  4. More on breast-feeding.
  5. More on colic, including a step-by-step response plan.

The new edition of Baby Sense is sure to hold the same appeal for parents in that it offers practical solutions for the common issues of infancy. The new content will enhance the ways parents respond to their baby’s sensory needs in a sens-able manner. Baby Sense is your key to

  • A calm, contented, colic-free baby.
  • Establishing good sleep habits and enjoying peaceful nights.
  • Your baby’s optimal development and positive early experiences.


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