Hug Bug Snuggie




Cuddling your baby increases the level of happiness hormones (oxytocin) in both you and baby and this creates a strong bond.

The Hug Bug Snuggie is an awesome way to help baby feel safe and comforted even when you are not together. This is great for parents that can’t be with baby all the time, maybe because of work or even if your baby is in the Neonatal ICU. The idea is for mom (or dad) to sleep with the Hugh Bug Snuggie in contact with your own skin so that it has your scent and then leave it with your baby to cuddle.

The Hug Bug Snuggie comes with soft ribbon tags for a gentle tactile experience for baby. While cuddling the Snuggie, your baby will touch and feel the blanket on their hands and may bring their hands close to their face, which helps facilitate self-soothing behaviours.


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