At the BTC Day Care Centre, we provide daily care for children from birth to the age of three years. The Centre enables you to leave your special child in the care of our Registered Professional Nurses and trained staff while you go to work. While you can fulfil your obligations, your child can attend their scheduled therapy sessions with our in-house therapy team as well as participate in group music- and occupational therapy sessions. The Day Care Team are specially trained in the care of children with special needs and provides your child with a safe and loving environment. The Day Care Centre also teaches your child the pleasure of socialising with other children and function within a group setting.


Our Day Care program includes:

  1. Music group therapy on a weekly basis, carryover of individual therapeutic principles to the Day Care program.
  2. Provision of specialised medical care for babies/toddlers with individual medical needs, by qualified nursing staff.
  3. Provision of a safe, fun and stimulating environment for our babies.
  4. Occupational Therapy stimulation groups and group therapy on a weekly basis.