Speech-Language Therapy for children from birth to three years of age involves ECI and feeding therapy. ECI is the assessment and treatment of infants and toddlers who are at risk of disabilities or delays involving communication, with the aim of establishing effective interaction between the little ones and their environment. The baby learns a variety of communication skills before he can talk. Communication skills such as making requests, using social gestures, taking turns in interaction and making eye contact, are the foundation for learning a language.

The process of feeding requires a sufficient appetite, adequate preparation of the food by sucking, biting or chewing, safe and effective swallowing of food, and normal gastrointestinal function. A disorder of any of these processes can result in severe feeding problems leading to poor growth. A Speech-Language Therapist assesses and treats your child’s oral- and motor functions to improve his/her feeding.

Our therapy sessions are billed according to medical aid rates.